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The resources on my sites have been offered freely for your personal and educational use. So far, I have been paying to keep it open and ad-free.

However, the cost of running the site has been increasing with its popularity. I have no income from the site and it is now being threatened with de-activation as the number of downloads is exceeding the permitted bandwidth.

I have had to modify the site to lessen the download activity,  but I would still like to offer the printable downloads- so I am now including an option to donate $5 or more to support the site and gain access to the printable mini-books and activity sheets (see the Premium Printable Access page for further details and thumnails of the contents).

If you would like to donate (securely via Paypal), please see below :). 


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Started: June 30, 2012
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If you would like to access the private Printables page (with mini-books, activity sheets etc), you may like to donate $5 or more towards the cost of maintaining this site and paying for the bandwidth needed to provide the resources.

If you donate, please remember to include your email address so that I can email you the link to the private page (usually within 2 days). Most importantly, remember to check your Junk email folder in case my reply (from gametoread@yahoo.com.au) is re-directed there.

If you don't hear back from me within 3 days, or if you have any queries, please contact me via the Contact Us form or email me at gametoread@yahoo.com.au with "ePuzzled.net Private Access" in the subject line.