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Computer Memory/Concentration Game to download

Whether you call it Memory or Concentration, this game is always popular. I play it with my reading students using word cards to get them to practise their "sight words" ( high frequency words that they need to be able to read quickly). 

Custom Concentration is an excellent free computer game that you can download and play- or customise with your own sets of cards. I couldn't resist the idea of making it into a reading game as well as a memory game, so I've made several sets of cards with words and/or pictures.

MAY 2008-  Earlier this year, I lost all the links to the files for extra games sets of cards, but have re-loaded them onto a new file storage site, and have added some new game sets.

Oct 2009- my files have all gone from the current site, so I have begun re-loading them again....

March 2016 Due to problems with storing my files in Dropbox, the Concentration games files are currently unavailable.

You can download the Custom Concentration/Memory game (with my word games, in a zipped file), 


or you can download the original Custom Concentration game from  http://www.botproductions.com/conc/conc.html 

Some of the cards I have made so far are:                                                               

Word cards: 

  • Go and Stop
  • and, the, etc ( very common, often confused words)
  • Weird Words ( common words that can't be "sounded out")
  • Little Words Inside ( words that children may be able to read by noticing "little words" inside them)
  • Number words from one to twelve
  • Italian number words from uno to diece

Picture cards  (with words on them):          

  • flowers                               
  • birds                                You can download extra cards to add to your game by clicking on these pictures
  • horses                                  
  • farm animals
  • zoo and wild animals                                                                                             
  • transport (vehicles)
  • motorbikes                      





EXTRA CARD SETS: once you have the Custom Concentration file (see above- download link in top picture), you can add extra game sets. Just download them and add them to the same folder as the Custom Concentration game. The name of the file tells you how many cards there are to match when you play the game (e.g. 4 X 3 will have 12 cards at a time - 6 pairs to match).  The file sizes are fairly large for most card sets.

*** NOTE- OCTOBER 2009- the file storage site I was using has deleted most of my files, so I have deleted the links. I will re-load some as I get time... let me know if there are any sets you want!

March 2016 I may re-load some of the files soon. Let me know (via Guestbook or Contact Us) if there are any you particularly want.

  • Memory cards - Animals set 1, 5 x 4  1515KB   
  • Memory cards - Dogs 4 x 3  1156KB
  • Memory cards - Horses set 1, 4 x 3  770KB     
  • Memory cards - Horses set 2, 5 x 4   1414KB
  • Memory cards - Horses set 3, VERY HARD  6 x 5 1028KB
  • Memory cards - Flowers 4 x 3  1110KB -
  • Memory cards - Birds MINI set 1-2.  MEGA+  HARD 8 x 7  1642KB
  • Memory cards - Australian Butterflies 5 x 4  545KB
  • Memory cards - Cars, transport 4 x 3  746KB    
  • Memory cards - Motorbikes set 1, 4 x 3  791KB
  • Memory cards - Motorbikes set 1, 5 x 4   790KB - see picture above
  • Memory cards - Minibike Stunts 2.  5 x 4  531KB     
  • Memory cards - Transport set 2. XX HARD 7 x 6  1446KB
  • Memory cards - Cars- Sports Cars  5 x 4   758KB     
  • Memory cards - Zoo & Wild Animals, SMALL, 6 x 4  749KB
  • Memory cards - Farm Animals, 5 x 4   876KB - see picture above 

Please note  I am currently re-locating the Concentration files; I have re-done the basic game and will re-do the extra games soon. 

You will need to unzip the main game file; click on the .exe  file in the folder to open the game. All my files have been checked for viruses but you will need to take any usual precautions before opening new files on your computer.


Memory game cards to print:

Several people have asked about printable cards for Concentration/Memory games, so I have made several sets of my animal cards into printable sheets in PDF format... see my Memory Game to print  page.