Educational puzzles and fun!


ePuzzle Jigsaws to download & play on your computer:

The pictures below have links in them- you can click on a picture to access the epuzzle file, then you can download it to your computer and play or save it. They only work on a Windows computer, not with Mac.

These files have been created on my computer and should be safe, but always check before using.

Latest notes: 13 Sept 2010- fixed duplicate links on jigsaws- they should all work now.

                             June 2011 - fixed a couple of missing links.

November 2012:  I have moved the jigsaws files to Dropbox folders or to a folder on my other site (cathyschords.com, which has more bandwidth), and I have linked to them from here.

Because the jigsaw files are .exe files, some computer security programs will treat them as suspicious, especially when they are downloaded from a 'new' location (when I tried to download some, Norton told me that some were a threat, even though they were my own files!).

They are just jigsaw files, created with Jigs@w Puzzle 2, and I've never had any problem with them on numerous computers over the years... you're very welcome to download and enjoy the jigsaws!


First jigsaws- 4-16 pieces:

These jigsaws are perfect for children who are learning to use a computer -


    Camellia -first jigsaw, 4 pieces            Black Puppy -first jigsaw, 6 pieces              Elephant -simple jigsaw, 9 pieces


       Little Bird -simple 9-piece jigsaw          Kangaroo -simple 9-piece jigsaw      Tulips- 9-piece word jigsaw    


                      Cat - easy 13-piece jigsaw                     Dog - easy 17-piece jigsaw

20- 40- piece jigsaws:

Click on the picture to download the epuzzle jigsaw -


     Corvette jigsaw- 30 pieces          Hot Dog jigsaw -31 pieces        Horses on the Hill- 30 pieces


  Sunset jigsaw, 37 pieces         Pony & Friends,37 pieces       Puppy jigsaw, 31 pieces       Parrot jigsaw, 25 pieces


 Fairy Penguins, 25 pieces    Giraffes at Melb. Zoo, 23 pcs    Two Horses, 30 pieces      Crimson Rosellas, 40 pcs 


Kookaburra jigsaw, 35 pieces            Butterfly jigsaw, 31 pieces                Way Up High - Motocross, 36 pcs 


  Old Sports Car jigsaw, 35 pieces    Tuk Tuk, Bangkok jigsaw, 20 pieces      Steam Train at Hurstbridge, 28 pcs


     Magpie jigsaw, 20 pieces       Maltese Terrier jigsaw, 30 pcs        Sheep Playing Chess jigsaw, 28 pieces


There is also a Rabbit and Christmas jigsaws on my Holiday Fun page, and harder jigsaws on my New & Harder Jigsaws  page.  

 NEW!  jigsaws with more than 40 pieces:


          Purple Daisies jigsaw, 48 pieces               Claude Monet, Sunrise jigsaw - 42 pieces 

Also see New & Harder Jigsaws page for jigsaws with 20- almost 200 pieces!