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Fun for Holidays Easter, Christmas - or Any Time!

Here are some fun, free activities to help with reading. Lots more are available through the Premium Access option.




Alphabet Tic-Tac-Toe: like noughts and crosses- but instead of O and X, you use letters such as b and d to help practise writing them correctly!

  Click on the picture to download the PDF.








 Sight Words Games- to help children learn their 'sight  Vocabulary':



 Snakes and Ladders

Print this game onto coloured card (or onto white card and colour it yourself); make some word cards and use small buttons or whatever you like as "movers", then all you need are a die (dice) and someone to play with.


  Click on the picture to download the PDF.


  Butterflies and Bugs - another free board game to print and use with word cards



 More printable games and other games ideas are available from 



Easter Fun Activities

Easter Clipart Colouring,  eCards, Jigsaw

These  pictures are in my Photobucket albums.

They are large sized pictures, and may be downloaded for your personal or educational (non-commercial) use.

Please note that Photobucket is a commercial site and has advertising; I can only guarantee the content of my albums linked to from here.


Easter Clipart Pictures:


Lots more clipart pictures of animals, plants, smileys etc are available from my Free-fun-n-games website: Clip Art Collection and Clip Art Collection 2 (small sized images). Larger sized clipart-style pictures are in my  photobucket album, Clipart by Puzzled and also in a Flickr album, Cathy's Clipart Collection.

Please note that these sites have ads.


Colouring-In Pictures:

(You can copy these and paste them onto a Word document; drag to re-size then print).


Some more simple outline sketches are available from my Photobucket album:  Pictures to Colour In , or in my Flickr album: Cathy's Clipart - Coloring-in




these can be added to an email or a facebook page etc as a quick, fun greeting:



Lots more free eCards are available from my Photobucket album: eCards


Here is a rabbit jigsaw, with 29 pieces (rotated). You can download the jigsaw and play it on your computer. Click on picture for the link to  the jigsaw.



Here are some links to other sites with free Easter activities and printables:

http://www.dltk-holidays.com/easter/games.html  - online Easter games, printables- Bingo, Dominoes, word games and heaps more... well worth a look at this excellent site!




Christmas Fun - ePuzzle Jigsaws

NEW Dec. 2012- Click on the picture to open the computer jigsaw to play or to download to your computer. 


Santa with Presents jigsaw, 15 pieces        Santa and Toys jigsaw, 42 pieces (rotated) 


 Santa and his Sleigh  jigsaw, 35 pieces


Christmas Fun - clipart to use


Make your own cards, games and stationery 

Here are some clipart images that I have made or "cut out" so they have transparent backgrounds. If you would like to use them, right click on the image and select "save as..."  The three below are small.


Here are some good sites for "Public Domain" clipart- i.e. copyright-free clipart you may use freely:

http://www.christmas-graphics-plus.com/ - a lovely selection of clipart, mostly small, and many in gif format with transparent backgrounds -as I noticed after I had cut out some images for my game!

http://www.wmfclipart.com/clipart/free-clipart-Christmas.html - this site has lots of clipart, including Christmas themes.

http://www.clipartpal.com/clipart_pd/holiday/christmas/candycane1.html - This is a  commercial site, but it has a good section of Public Domain clipart. If you go to this page, there is an index on the side for lots of other free Christmas images.

http://freeclipartnow.com/holidays/christmas/ This site has a huge collection of Public Domain clipart. The Christmas clips tend to be in JPG format, with opague backgrounds.