Educational puzzles and fun!

How to use epuzzles




Each of these puzzles can be played by itself. The puzzle name will usually tell you the number of pieces. The name of the file may tell you if some pieces have been rotated (R) or not rotated (NR); w means that there are one or more words on the picture; sh means there are special shapes.


To open a puzzle:

Double click on the puzzle symbol, and wait for it to load.

Then double click on the puzzle picture.


When the puzzle is open, you can:

  • Click on “ghost” to get a faint full-sized picture to work on (unless it’s a surprise puzzle)
  • Click on “picture” to get a small picture (unless it’s a surprise puzzle)
  • Click on “help” to get extra help if you need to
  • Click on the arrow at the top right to minimise the puzzle (but it won’t actually pause it- the timer will still be going).


To pick up a piece, move the cursor to the piece and

  • hold down the left mouse button and move the piece with the mouse, or
  • left click to pick up the piece, move it to where you want, then left click again to drop the piece
  • *(If the piece turns red, it's because you have clicked next to it, not on it- and the program thinks you want to pick up more than one piece- see If you need to move several pieces at once.)


When you connect 2 or more pieces correctly, they will snap together with a sound and a little “puzzle pieces” animation. They are then locked together and if you pick one up, they will all pick up together.


If there are rotated pieces, to turn them around you will need to move the cursor to the piece and

  • hold down the left mouse button and tap the right button to rotate the piece clockwise.


If you need to move several pieces at once:

·         move the cursor to a space next to the pieces you want,

·         hold down the left button then move the mouse so that a dotted square appears;

·         drag it over the pieces you want ( they will turn red);

·         let the left button go,

·         then you can “pick up” the pieces and move them the same way you would with one piece.


When you finish the puzzle, a message will tell you how long it took. If you don't get it finished, you cannot save it as it is and finish it later when you are playing these .exe file puzzles (unless you buy the program to play the puzzle in - see puzzle info page).


Have fun!

If these puzzles are too easy, ask me for some harder ones!

(You can have as many pieces as you like in these puzzles, but it becomes difficult to manage if there are too many. The programs you can buy usually have "trays" to sort your pieces onto and store them out of the way, and they also usually offer some help with sorting, e.g. edges)