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       free  Memory Game to Print 

Several people have asked about printable cards for Concentration/Memory games, so I have made some sets of my memory cards into printable sheets in PDF format. 

Some of these are currently free for you to use for personal or educational, non-commercial use, but due to excessive site use, I have had to remove the download links for most; I will be adding them to the premium page for those who support the site with a donation to help with site costs. 

You can download the PDF files and print them on light card, then laminate them and cut into cards. Remember to make 2 sets for the Memory game. I have also made some words card sets to go with some of the picture cards, so children can match the words and the pictures.

Click on the pictures below to download the PDF files.

 Please leave me a message in my Guestbook if you have any problems or comments. Have fun!

   Pets 1. Cards - free:



 Flowers Picture Cards - free:



Here are some Card Backs that you can download for free.... you may like to print this on the reverse side of your memory cards (to make them more attractive, and to make it harder to "see through" the card): 


Other cards (these are now available in the Premium option):

These are the card sets you can print off if you donate to the site- 


Pets 2 Picture & Word cards:


Farm Animals Picture Cards:


Baby Farm Animals Picture Cards: 


Zoo Animals Picture Cards:


Zoo Animals Word Cards:


Australian Animals Picture Cards: 


Australian Butterflies Cards:       Butterfly Card Backs:       

                  Horses Cards:


Motorbike Cards: 


Transport  Cards:


Extra Card Backs: