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This page is for pictures/links to my newest computer jigsaws (ePuzzles), including some harder jigsaws for the big kids like me!

For these jigsaws, click on the picture for the link to the ePuzzle Jigsaw file. You can play or save it on your computer. For further instructions on how to play the ePuzzle Jigsaws, see How To Play ePuzzles.

Please note: as these are .exe files (created on my computer using the Jigs@w Puzzle 2 program), some security programs will flag them as a security risk, as they can't read the files and they assume there could be malware attached.

I also get a security warning message when I download them, even though they are my own files!

Please be assured I have added nothing except the jigsaws, and there have been no problems with the files over the years!

New ePuzzle jigsaws

January, 2012... some new jigsaws for the holidays.

Click on the picture to download the .exe file for the jigsaw.






"Seagull" - 99 pieces, rotated.  







"Florence Rooftops", 540 pieces 



Latest harder ePuzzle jigsaws, 108+ pieces:

July, 2011.

Here are some harder jigsaws I have made from my photos of scenes in Italy. The pieces in these jigsaws are all rotated (see bottom of page).



Trevi Fountain jigsaw, 108 pieces.

This one took me 281/2 minutes to re-assemble. How long will it take you?








5-masted sailing ship, Capri -

221-piece jigsaw








Capri view jigsaw,  221 pieces







....also- Florence Rooftops, 540 pieces - see box above!

Latest ePuzzle jigsaws: 56- 100 pieces

I have made some new computer jigsaws, using photos of animals and places in Victoria, Australia.

These jigsaws have from 56 - 117 pieces, so there's a wide range for children and adults in this group of epuzzles.

Click on the picture to open the file to play or save to your computer.


Lion, Melbourne Zoo jigsaw,

56 pieces, rotated  







Young kookaburras in a gum tree


80 pieces, rotated   




Mid-morning snack: Koala, Healesville _ jigsaw, 99 pieces, Rotated



               Melbourne from Southbank jigsaw,

                                       84 pieces, rotated 






Loch Ard Gorge, Victoria jigsaw,

108 pieces, rotated 





Dusk at Melbourne Zoo

jigsaw, 117 pieces, Rotated 




ePuzzle jigsaws with 50 -100 pieces:

 Old Melbourne tram - jigsaw puzzle

- 99 pieces, rotated

Click on the picture to open the file to play or save to your computer.

               Koala - 63 piece jigsaw puzzle -image

                                                                                                           Koala jigsaw, 63 pieces


          Elephant jigsaw, 63 pieces                        Three Giraffes jigsaw, 55 pieces

Europe Scenes jigsaws, 100-200 pieces:

Here are some harder jigsaws from our trip to Europe last year:


Italy - Florence -bridge over the Arno- 192 pieces, Rotated               France - Moulin Rouge, Paris, 140 pieces, Rotated.

Greece - Harbour, Mykonos, 130 pieces, Rotated.

You can just click on the picture to access the ePuzzle jigsaw file.

Aussie Animals jigsaws, 50- 130 pieces:

  click on the picture to access the jigsaw file:

Kangaroo and Joey July 09 lw    Kangaroo with Joey jigsaw, 56 pieces, Rotated

Kookaburra visitors July-Aug 09   Kookaburra visitors jigsaw, 108 pieces, Rotated

Kangaroo and joey  Sept- Aug 09 Kangaroo and Joey jigsaw, 130 pieces, Rotated

Melbourne Zoo animal jigsaws, 20-35 pieces:

April 2010 - Here are some fun jigsaws from our recent trip to the wonderful Melbourne Zoo:

   Seal jigsaw, 35 pieces, rotated*  

  Otters jigsaw, 22 pieces, rotated* 

   Lions jigsaw, 31 pieces

  Bear jigsaw, 28 pieces


 * to turn the pieces in the "rotated" style epuzzle jigsaws, first pick the piece with the left mouse button, then tap the right mouse button; the piece will rotate 1/4 turn to the right with each tap. 

For full instructions, see How To Play ePuzzles