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Premium Access to Downloadable Mini-Books, Activity Sheets etc.

July 2012- Due to an ever-increasing number of downloads of my free printable mini-books and activity sheets, this site has exceeded the bandwidth I pay for, and has been threatened with de-activation.

I receive no income from the site and have had no donations up till this point to help with its upkeep, so as well as the countless hours I've spent developing resources and information, it's costing my family actual money to run this site and share the resources.

In order to avoid closing the site, I have had to remove some of the items that were causing the bandwidth problems.

I'd still like to offer these for free download to the public, but I can't keep paying out of my family budget, so this is my solution:
  • I'm putting the download links for these resources on a private page.
  • If you would like to donate $5 or more to help with the upkeep of the site, I'll email you the link to the private access page, usually within 2 days (please check your junk email folder in case my email goes astray)
  • I figure most people can afford $5 for access to resources which have taken me many hours to create, but if you can't afford the $5, please contact me.
  • If you don't want to donate and only want one of the downloadable items, contact me so that I can send you the link for the item.
  • The page with the downloads will be available for at least one month after I send you the link to the page.
  • Note:This is a limited offer, as I am intending to set up a TpT store to sell resources, but I haven't got around to it yet... so you can get over 50 printables now for only $5!

                What's on the private Premium Access page?

Here are some thumbnails of the content on the Premium page:

"Tiny" Printable books:

            My Animals                                     Fruit                   I'll Take You For a Ride



            Here is an Egg              I'm Scared               Ho Paura (Italian)



                Insects                       Ready for School           We Love Christmas



         Blank tiny book            Assembly Instructions 










Holiday Reading Fun Sheets:

  Car Bingo (Grade 1 up)                                              Alphabet Tic-Tac-Toe,   Hangman (Grade 1-4)


            Short vowels sentences; or-ar-er (Grade 1-3) 






  Printable Reading Board Games for Christmas and Easter:


New December 2012: I made a new game and very simple activity sheets to send home with my youngest students over the holidays. They are in 'colour-in' format, for extra fun!


Printable  Easter Fun reading worksheets (Grade K-2): 


Easter-themed Reading Practice stories (Grade 1-3):



Access to all these sheets (for private/educational use) is available to site supporters- just donate $5 or more and you'll get the key to open the Private Access page- and you'll help to keep the site going for all!

                                  Memory Games to Print

December, 2012 - These Memory games are lots of fun and an excellent way to encourage children to develop focus, memory and word recognition skills!

These are the card sets you can print off if you donate to the site-  

Pets Picture & Word cards:


Pets Word Cards:


Farm Animals Picture Cards:


Baby Farm Animals Picture Cards: 


Zoo Animals Picture Cards:


Zoo Animals Word Cards:


Australian Animals Picture Cards:


Australian Butterflies Cards:       Butterfly Card Backs:


Flowers Cards:                            Horses Cards:

Motorbike Cards: 


Transport  Cards:


Extra Card Backs:  


If you would like to access these resources, see the Donations page for a secure Paypal option:) If you only want one or two of the printable sheets, and don't want or can't afford to donate, contact me (Contact Us link in ribbon below) and I'll send you a link for the item.